The team at Pittarak welcomes your interest in discovering more about the heritage and individuality of our range of authentic Australian-designed and built expedition sea kayaks. Whether you are just starting out in the world of sea kayaking, or you are already a seasoned expeditioner, the Pittarak sea kayak has the history and reputation for being able to offer all that the paddler may demand of their craft.       


    Pittarak‘s heritage started over 30 years ago, when Australian adventurer and filmmaker Larry Gray, started travelling to the distant oceans of the world and required a durable, functional, performance-based sea kayak that would provide a safe and reliable journey in any ocean conditions.


Based upon the proven, traditional design of kayaks from the remote Arctic regions, the first Pittarak was developed and has since continually evolved to enhance the design and handling characteristics for today’s discerning kayaker. Each hand-crafted kayak is testament to the innovation and functionality that can only be derived from the unparalleled involvement in worldwide expeditions, ranging from the intensely cold polar regions to the balmy tropics. It is this heritage that provides every Pittarak owner the opportunity to be able to pursue the freedom that the oceans of the world offer.