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Sydney to Hobart



The Sydney to Hobart Kayak Trip by Simeon Michaels.

Reaching out for a better future.


Fun in a wave

In the Summer of 2007, I paddled from Sydney to Hobart. The 2000km, 2½ month trip was dedicated to raising awareness about a pulp mill proposed for the Tamar Valley in Northern Tasmania. If it proceeds, the mill will consume 5 million tonnes of forest every year, pollute the air, and pump billions litres of dioxin-laden effluent into the crystal waters of the Bass Strait – not something a kayaker (or anyone else for that matter) wants to see. My trip also raised money to advocate for sustainable alternatives to the proposed mill– the future that Tasmania deserves.

The trip website records the adventure, with stories about sharks, storms, crossing the Bass Strait and coping with the challenges that inevitably arise on a trip of that length. The site also allows you to sign the petition against Gunns proposed pulp mill. Check it out.

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Tasmanian Adventure



South West Tasmania February 2007

Rob Casamento, Richard Harbury, Cam and Mick Robertson

To view information relating to ocean swell and weather conditions during this trip, click on the following link Download wave rider info


During the last two weeks of February the four of us paddled nearly 300km from Macquarie Heads to Cockle Creek along the South West Tassie coast. There were no roads between our start and finish point, and no people save a few fishermen and some South Coast walkers on the last stretch. This was a fabulous trip, and although words and pictures could never do it justice, here are some of the highs and lows.

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